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A mentalist is someone who uses their mental acuity to make suggestions or hypnotize someone. Mentalists are also a master manipulator of thoughts and behaviour.
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What Is Reverse Psychology

By Ariff at 12:15 AM

Reverse Psychology

Is the act of motivating someone to do something by telling him to do the exact opposite of it according to Wiki...For example you tell your friend “I bet you can’t arrive before 6”... this might motivate him to do the opposite to prove you wrong since most of us just loooove to prove that the other person's wrong...wouldn't you agree :)

Reverse psychology normally preys on a person's ego, as when it is used, it can make the 'subject' feel incompetent. Thus, effectively persuading the person to perform the desired action. "Feed the ego" with the negative of what you actually the above statement! order for reverse psychology to be perfectly must make that person think that you believe in what you are saying and that you are not just saying it to motivate him/her.

Now...if you've watched cartoon in your life (not that I'm saying you never did!) may see that its full of reverse psychology. For example :

  • A large, red button with the sign "Do Not Push"...and then they'll push it or,
  • "Do not jump in!" or "You will die!"...although jumping in is the only way to

or from The Simpsons:
Homer's Brain: Don't you get it? You've gotta use reverse psychology.

Homer: That sounds too complicated.

Homer's Brain: OK, don't use reverse psychology.

Homer: All right, I will!

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