Mentalist :
A mentalist is someone who uses their mental acuity to make suggestions or hypnotize someone. Mentalists are also a master manipulator of thoughts and behaviour.
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Psychological Manipulation : Requirements

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Psychological manipulation or Mental Breach (my way of calling it) has 3 known proviso stated by psychologist Simon et al :

  1. A manipulator must conceal their aggressive intentions and behaviours.
  2. A manipulator must be an expert in knowing the psychological vulnerability of their marks in order to determine the best tactics to be most effective against their "Victims".
  3. Manipulators must have a sufficient level of ruthlessness to have no qualms about causing harm to the victim "if necessary".

A manipulator (the good ones anyway~) in my own words, is the perfect predator of mankind-they will use your "weaknesses" to their own advantage with
ruthless precision!

*P.S From no.3---> Try not be a cold hearted moron!...because if you are, then go and see a psychiatrist because

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