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Posted on 9:04 PM

How Men Flirt

By Ariff at 9:04 PM seems I received some complaints that its hard to understand how men flirt. (Clairy.. if you still don't understand after this...I'll show you how my self ok). Ok how does a man flirt? How would you know if he's interested? I’m sure many women out there have spent many a sleepless night over men. There are probably many other women who would love to know the answer to the questions. If there was a course on male flirting, I’m sure there would be long wait lists of women waiting to register! Lucky for you that I'm a generous guy so to say because I'm giving 'it' to you for free.

Learning to interpret a male’s subconscious body gestures can help you determine whether you’ll be getting a second date.

Male body language will also let you know when he’s not the one. If a man doesn’t display any of the following signs, you're better off moving on to the next eligible bachelor.

He'll Attempt To Improve His Appearance When Attracted.

Just like in the animal kingdom, males tend to 'preen' when they’re interested in a female. They pay extra attention to their grooming and personal appearance. (well most of them anyway except nerds, geeks and their kind)

When a man spots an interesting female, he may automatically adjust his tie, smooth his collar or brush his shoulder and also pump himself up to look more 'manly' just like a puffer fish pumping up to attract females.

Other common signs of preening involve fixing his hair or rearranging his shirt, cuff links, and clothing. He may check his teeth or automatically touch his throat.

He wants to look as good as he can before he approaches you. Therefore ladies, you should take any of the above as a very positive sign!

Signs of Dominance!

I'm positively sure you've heard the term 'Alpha Male' before. It means a man who is a strong and smart leader.

An 'Alpha Male' always dominates the rest of the pack and gains priority in mating with females (In the animalia kingdom of course!). Men do the very same thing especially in front of you!

A flirting male may place his hands on his hips to subconsciously make himself appear bigger. This gesture says “Notice me. I’m the leader and I’m ready to get involved!”...but beware this may also be a sign of before you make a move, please look at the context of the situation that he is in. Whether he's fighting, thinking or maybe frustrated with his exam papers.

His Eye Movement Will Tell You Everything!

Eye contact is very important when you are studying how men flirt. Men who are interested will usually hold their gaze for a little longer than usual. Like looking at you in the eyes for a period of time.

Men may also perform what is called the “triangular formulation” with their eyes. This involves looking eye to eye, then down to a woman’s mouth and chin, down to the rest of her body and back up to her eyes again. It is easy for a woman to notice this since men has a smaller peripheral vision...and therefore easy to see where his eyes are looking at!

Touching...Very Naughty!!

There is important point to notice when you watch how men flirt. When a man is interested in a woman, he will often find an excuse to touch her. He may put a hand on her shoulder or knee, tickle her playfully or pat her on the back. Some men may even feel a woman’s blouse, jacket or shoulder. This will let them have some gratification! but a pat can also mean pals right? So...wait until he does it frequently with more frequency..only then you should make a judgement.

He may come up with a ridiculous excuse such as “your blouse looked so soft I just had to feel it” or " OMG!! there's an ant on your back...don't move!"

He may even “accidentally” bump into you while casually passing by. Ladies, you know better! Take this as a very positive sign that things are going well. This is his way of showing you he is attracted to you or maybe he's just a pervert trying to 'feel' you!

Men, just make sure not to grope her or get too 'NAUGHTY' in the early stages. This may lead to a drink poured over your head and your arse being me since you are being such an arse!

What His Hands and Feet will Tell You!

If he does, what do you think it means? That’s him trying to keep his pants from falling down? Hopefully not! This gesture is a very important sign that he’s interested in you! This is a subconscious way for a man to attract members of the opposite sex by framing that particular part of his body. No ladies, we are not referring to his wallet lol! It is focusing at his 'Ding-Dong'.

When a man flirts, he will also turn his entire body towards the woman. If his legs and feet remain pointed toward you, take this as a sign he is interested.

Ladies, if you are wondering whether the cute guy you are talking with is actually interested, take another look at how he is sitting. If his body or feet are turned away from you, you might want to look elsewhere for Prince Charming!

Men will tell you all you need to know with their body language and non-verbal gestures (not verbally of course!).

Watch for the following 'flirting' gestures :

  1. He focuses on improving his appearance
  2. He practices signs of dominance and acts like an 'alpha male'
  3. He maintains direct eye contact
  4. He touches you directly or 'accidentally' (yeah right!)
  5. He hooks his thumbs into his belt loops
  6. His body and feet are turned towards you (look at their feet in the pic below)